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RR30852. Junior technician with 4 years experience. 60 days notice.

RR30852 is 25 years old and he is on 2nd year bachelor’s degree. (current) Electrical and Computer Engineering, Renewable Energies. Also attending a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (where he mentioned he´s getting in touch with additional software input he can use in his current job), but already decided to freeze it for a couple of years as he wants to focus on his career and financial stability.

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IC31098. Technician with 31 years experience. 30 days notice.

IC31098 is a 49 years old Technician with an associate degree in Industrial Electrician from 1988. He has 31 years experience, all relevant with a track record in oil & gas. 

His latest work assignment is as a Senior Electrician and Instrumentation, managing a team of 4 people within the Komos Trident Project. 

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AP31144. Technician with 31 years experience. 6 months notice.

AP31144is a Spanish citizen, 32 years old. He lives in Valladolid, Spain. Bachelor’s Degree In Electronic and Automaticand has license driver (B). 4 years of experience in automationand he has worked for 2 years in France.  

He has most of his experience from the Automotiveindustryand prefers to stay in the industry. 

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AM31028. Technician with 6 years experience. 60 days notice.

AM 31028 is 30 years old and holds a Bachelor in Automatics, information and control systems.

He is certified in SIMATIC PCS7. He has 7 years’ experience and 6 years direct relevant. He has been working at a power plant for 6 years as Automation Engineer and he is specialized in maintenance of Power plant control systems.

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DB31117. Technician with 14 years experience. 30 days notice.

DB31117 is 38 years old and holds a Master in Automation, information and control technics. Further certified in SIMATIC S7 and Ovation. He has 14 years’ experience and 11 years direct relevant.

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SA31123. Technician with 8 years experience. 2-4 months notice.

SA31123 is 32 years old. Spanish citizen, born in Morocco, but he has been living all his life in Spain, now Barcelona. AutomationTechnician with Technical training of 2 years (High-level technical degree: Regulatory systems and automation control)He has drivers license (B). 

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